Why Choose An Orthodontist?

Why Choose An Orthodontist?

Thanks to his specific university training in orthodontics following his diploma in dentistry, the orthodontist has acquired the necessary skills to carry out a treatment that can correct an orthodontic problem. The experience and expertise of an orthodontist are much more sophisticated than that of a dentist who offers orthodontic treatment. Indeed, although general dentists can practice orthodontics within the limits of their knowledge, they have not followed the 5,000 hours of additional training required to claim the title of specialist in this field. Besides, by exclusively practicing orthodontics, the orthodontist has acquired a perfect mastery of his field. Finally,

Why Perform An Orthodontic Correction?

Overlapped teeth are difficult to clean, they can decay and promote gum disease and can be lost more easily. A bad bite can also accelerate the wear and tear of the teeth, the deterioration of the gums, and cause difficulties in chewing and speaking. It can cause headaches and pain in the jaw joints. Remember: a warm smile is just the start. Better oral health and a better sense of well-being are also important treatment goals. Early orthodontic treatment will often be less costly than the complex dental costs required as a result of the deterioration of the condition of the teeth.

Properly aligned teeth perform better and are much easier to clean. Also obtaining a radiant smile increases self-confidence because it is very pleasant to have a beautiful smile but it is just as pleasant to watch for the people around us. An attractive smile, therefore, improves our dental health and our quality of life. Regardless of age, orthodontic treatment is a step towards wellness.

Why Choose An Orthodontist?

The Cost Of Orthodontic Correction

The cost of an orthodontic correction varies depending on the problem. It is essential to conduct a consultation to establish the needs and the desired objectives of the correction. This consultation will then make it possible to confirm the cost of the orthodontic correction as well as the duration and the devices used. Of course, the consultation also makes it possible to answer the various questions. Monetary Plans are offered to our customers so as not to deprive you of care that is often essential to your dental health. Thus, the monthly installments facilitate payments and there is no interest or tax. A long-term uncorrected malocclusion causes negative impacts. These impacts may imply higher costs to resolve them. During the consultation visit, it will then be possible to establish the needs and the type of correction. We will therefore be able to specify the cost of the orthodontic correction and the terms of payment to achieve the desired objectives.

Less Expensive Than You Imagine!

Less Expensive Than You Imagine All patients are treated with respect and great consideration no matter what treatment they receive. Combined with a  tax refund, orthodontic fees are more affordable than you might imagine. The treatment coordinator will be able to discuss all of this with you during the first meeting. Orthodontic care improves appearance and self-esteem in addition to promoting good long-term dental health. Investing in yourself or someone dear to you is the best investment you can make. It is a  gift for life.

Dental Insurance

Do you have dental insurance? Some companies cover the cost of an orthodontic correction. It is essential to request your insurance company to establish your claim. So, if you have insurance that covers care, we will guide you through the process.